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Camping at Lerderderg State Park Camping at Lerderderg State Park

Turns out an MR2 makes a decent car for camping and shoddy dirt roads. Not sure if all the dudes in lifted Landcruisers and Hiluxes were jealous but it sure felt like a flex.

Die Cast Hunting in Japan Die Cast Hunting in Japan

I went to a few die cast car stores. Some have several stories, it’s insane. Also on display: military vehicles, helicopters, trains, whatever you need.

Why are Nissan so shit Why are Nissan so shit

Hot take: Nissan has always done what Toyota has done, but worse.

Toyota Harrier Toyota Harrier

Pay attention kids:

Just some spots I saw in Japan. Varying levels of interest. A grouping of things that didn’t make it into some of my previous Japan posts of which there are many. The photos suck a little, I was just snappin’ away. Try to enjoy

It's a jeep thing It's a jeep thing

Sunday morning in Bundoora

RS amongst the bland RS amongst the bland

Day out on the coast. Weather was awful. Winter is here 

Soft kitty, sleepy kitty Soft kitty, sleepy kitty

Spotted in Hawthorn East while running, first day back from Japan.

I did a drive tour in Japan I did a drive tour in Japan

All I learned is that I badly need an NSX. It’s a bigger badder MR2 and I cannot live without one. There’s one for sale in aus, purple, targa, manual, perfect. 160k. I could loan that but I shouldn’t. I will never be happy.

Toyota Mega Web, Tokyo Toyota Mega Web, Tokyo

Soo much cool stuff to see. New Supra is still a pig though

Nissan Crossing, Tokyo Nissan Crossing, Tokyo

Found out about this thanks to an oppo, super cool. 

JDM Integrale JDM Integrale

Could scarcely believe my eyes. Wing on maximum attack. In Kyoto just next to this market we were passing through.

Another Osaka DOTS Another Osaka DOTS

As per most of the world I’ve found the new NSX to be underwhelming. But this was fucking cool.

Failside RX7 Failside RX7

Just like Tokyo Drift. Spotted in Kyoto

My first day in Japan My first day in Japan

I’m here for my first time with a group of 4 friends, one who has been here before.

Reminder: that custom Civic is a thing Reminder: that custom Civic is a thing

Hot take: This is car modification.

Ew Ew

This is a Civic with a tribal flame sticker that says “Sports”

I saw another Fiero in Australia

Not this one, twas red. Might have been two-tone with silver. Very cool. This time I was in my MR2 and I hope he saw me.

Cizeta V16T Prototype doco Cizeta V16T Prototype doco

Video is a bit dodgy and nobody believes i speed on the 405 is a production company. But the content more than makes up.

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