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Grievance OT

I have an assortment of grievances:

Where do you like to buy clothes?

Random question for no reason. Just curious as to what people’s personal styles are.

Feelings when you hear a thing about yourself that's probably right but you didn't want to hear it

I have some kind of feeling about this and I can’t pinpoint it: amusement? Annoyance? Surprise? My brother is in town (not staying with me because it’s for other things) but we had dinner and I asked about my dad’s new girlfriend, and apparently she is mother-in-law to a guy I graduated high school with. I remember…

Grinning devil face emoji

I’m illustrating a children’s book right now that will be geared specifically towards boys who live in rural Louisiana. I’m making sure all the scenes with people have lots of racial diversity and women doing “man” things like driving boats and men doing “woman” things like carrying children and cooking. And there…

Grumpy OT (or not grumpy, IDGAF)

I present to you, a cranky vent:

Family geared craft ideas?

Good morning, hive mind. I’m on a decorations committee for a local family shelter’s gala this year, and we were thinking for centerpieces for tables we’d have the families in the shelter make something (they have a lot of guided craft time so there’s already structure in place for it). I....have some blind spots with…

Today in: Is this a stupid idea?

To buy a refurbished phone that’s not certified by the manufacturer/company? I am having some alarming problems with my iPhone (like it seems like it’s just shorting out haha) and am bracing for them to tell me I need to get a new one when I go to the repair place tomorrow, so I was trying to price it out and see what…

What to eat on Christmas...

I’m hosting a small Christmas dinner (nothing fussy) and I am lacking in inspiration of what I want to make. Growing up my family didn’t really have a consistent tradition with the food (and I cook better than my mom haha) so I don’t have like, a hankering for anything. Inspire me! Also I’m going to probably make a…

Is this a good or bad idea?

I want to surprise my husband with little mini vacation as a Christmas gift, and I’m thinking we’d go to Nashville in late January. (It has to be late Jan). Can anyone from the area tell me: am I gonna have a bunch of snow troubles? Googling doesn’t give me a good sense of how much winter weather they typically get.…

These made me laugh (OT if you want)

The talented Alexandra Petri in an Op Ed for the Washington Post:

Please Vote

I know I haven’t been around much, and some of you are probably like, who the fuck is this? But I’ve returned with an agenda. If you can vote in the US and haven’t, please do. Do it for the people who can’t - especially those who the Republicans have been trying to keep from voting. Do it for me, if no one else! Do it…

WHAT in the fuck (edited) WHAT in the fuck (edited)

From my friend’s FB. He said he sent the pics to the Root already.

WHAT is this book? (also what were your favorite books as a young adult?)

In the past few months I have had a memory of reading a sci-fi/fantasy book as like a 5th or 6th grader (around 1995), and it’s been driving me nuts because I can’t remember enough of it to string a plot together or find it again. It’s going to sound like I don’t know much about it but what I do remember is that I…

Emotional State Check-In

Hi GTers. Since the past month has been a nightmare of catastrophic proportions, I thought I’d check in and vent a little myself. How are you? Excited to see some new authors too.

The DNC is suing Russia, Wikileaks, and the Trump campaign and I HAVE QUESTIONS.

(warning for an autoplay video*). So, at first glance, I’m like GREAT DO IT. Of course I believe they have a strong case, haha. At second glance, I’m like, but why? At third glance, I’m like, but how? And at fourth glance, I’m like, then what? Clearly I am no lawyer:

(OT) This picture of Cohen that Splinter keeps using (OT) This picture of Cohen that Splinter keeps using

looks like he was just unmasked by the Scooby Doo gang.

Gahhhh Is anyone else just vibrating with freakout? (Venting? Exploding? Passing Out? What am I doing?)

I can’t take this shit with Trump’s lawyer getting raided by the FBI. I spent the whole day listening to the news and podcasts trying to better understand it. It is apparently *very significant.* I tried to make sure I wasn’t falling for any sensationalism or “THIS IS THE BIG ONE”-ism.

Andrew McCabe had authorized a criminal investigation into Jeff Sessions

So many criminals. Apparently McCabe was concerned Sessions “lacked candor” when testifying before Congress about his contact with Russians (no shit). Warning: video autoplays in the link (because there is no god).

Pennsylvania's new, fairer map will be in place for midterms (OT) Pennsylvania's new, fairer map will be in place for midterms (OT)

HA! Take that you cheating, colluding, motherfucking dick-teethed piece of shit vermin!

This feels like desperation

Trump’s lawyers are trying to get Mueller to set a date for the end of the Russia probe in exchange for an interview with Trump, the scope of which only falls within certain parameters set by his lawyers.

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