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It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday!

It’s my birthday today, so posting French cars (or DAFs) will be appreciated ;)

Going to look at a BX Sport today! Going to look at a BX Sport today!

I’m going to look at a Citroën BX Sport today, and if it’s any good I’ll try to buy it. Wish me luck!

Unnecessary car shopping, post oppomeet round

I really should remove this pre-1989, sub-€3000 alert I have set on a Dutch classifieds website, which ends up in my mailbox every day...

Europpo rallye - Team JDM Twingo Europpo rallye - Team JDM Twingo

Below are the picture evidence of the Europporally points that we hit. DutchieDC2R and I had a great time to race between all these points, and tried our best to hit as many places as possible, while completing a lot of side missions. (A hike of 30-45 minutes to get to 3 castles exhausted us quite a bit though,…

Got some film developed! Got some film developed!

Got some rolls of film that I shot with my Chinon CS developed, one of which was shot 2 weeks ago, while the other one had been laying around for a while.

Another round of Unnecessary car shopping! Another round of Unnecessary car shopping!

After (semi-jokinly) posting the Mirafiori , facw generously spitted through tons of Marktplaats ads. One of the finds sprung out:

How bad of an idea is this?

While casually browsing sub-€3000 cars for sale, to find a ride more suitable to the Europpomeet than the Twingo, I came across this Fiat 131

Look what followed me home today! Look what followed me home today!

Went to a flea market today in search of a record player or some automotive posters/signs to hang on my walls (well that was my main goal). Didn’t find a proper record player, but I ended up buying 2 film cameras instead!

The Twingo returns! The Twingo returns!

The Twingo has been fixed! I’m glad this means the end to all the paperwork etc. It has taken almost a month since the accident!

Let’s play a game Oppo! Let’s play a game Oppo!

As some of you may know the Twingo was involved in a small accident:

Muck Fonday Muck Fonday

Damn Monday, couldn’t you spare my car?

Secret Senna arrived! Secret Senna arrived!

Thanks for the awesome gifts Rustholes Are Weight Reduction! The LeMans poster is going to look great on the wall of my livingroom :)

Happy New Year Happy New Year

Early new years wishes from the Netherlands! As 2019 has already arrived here.

Honhonhon Honhonhon

I just took the Twingo to an indy mechanic specialised in Renaults to replace the front brakes (driving through the Alps was tough on the ageing discs and pads in). Look what they gave me as a courtesy car: A first gen Twingo!

Audio oppos enlighten me! Audio oppos enlighten me!

I’m thinking about buying a 50's/60's console radio/record player for in my new apartment. I think they fit what I have in mind for the interior, and if one would work that would make it even better! However, what I run into on second hand sites is that the working ones tend to cost a lot, while the broken ones are…

I’m an actual engineer now!

I just officially received my Master of Science degree in Automotive Technology, woohoo! I actually focussed more on Control Engineering and Battery systems, but the title sounds nice anyway.

Appartment-lopnik Appartment-lopnik

The hunt for an appartment near my new job (Leiden/Amsterdam area) is becoming really frustrating. First thing I realised were the rather high prices: no problemI can deal with that. Second thing I encountered was scarsity of appartments/studios: no problrm, I’ll just have to make sure to reply to more of them.

Join the 2019 Europpomeet! Join the 2019 Europpomeet!

Have you always wanted to go on petrol and beer fueled (vehicular) adventure with like-minded people? Then this is you chance to join us for the 2019 Europpomeet!

New Job - New Vehicle New Job - New Vehicle

So I’m starting my new (and first ‘real’) job today, very exciting! However, as the office is around 130km from home, and I haven’t found a suitable appartment to rent yet, this also means (temporarily) replacing the Twingo with one (or 2 or 3) of these yellow things:

Europpomeet 2018: Alpine edition (Part IV) Europpomeet 2018: Alpine edition (Part IV)

Three weeks ago a bunch of Europpos were hooning across central Europe for the Alpine edition of the 2018 Europpomeet. I will be doing a multi-part write-up of the events and stuff we came across during the meet. Today part 4!

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