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Here I go again on my Drone.

Hopefully it gets sorted out quickly this time.

No going back now! No going back now!

Luckily the arch profile is still good enough to use, so it’s mostly flat steel. Should be simple, at least all the filler has gone.

Merry $Festival Oppo! Merry $Festival Oppo!

You’ll find me in front of the fire. No reason to move.

What a difference from last year. What a difference from last year.

Both from around the 10th of December. That wasn’t the worst of it for the season either. Roads are a sea of mud though, hence the filth.

Now that looks familiar! Now that looks familiar!

I’d known known that the Metro had come from Columbia Falls, MT from an old ebay listing that was scraped by various sites, but wasn’t hopeful in tracking down any more information. The photos provided some clues, until finally those few brown pixels showed up on the aerial photos.

One year on with the MR2 that cost less than the cheapest iPhone. One year on with the MR2 that cost less than the cheapest iPhone.

Kind of a summary (and celebration!) that I’ve been able to keep this crapcan together for a whole year, plus a rough breakdown in costs and all the work I’ve done!

Saturday morning Italian tuneup. Saturday morning Italian tuneup.

My gran stopped driving for a few months, which lead to her car sitting forlornly with a couple of tyres going flat. Started first time, then took it for an enthusiastic drive on a good local road.

Jimny Jimny Jimny Jimny Jimny Jimny

Video road love in test.

KIA Soul going EV only

Didn’t get the Job Didn’t get the Job

Post silly Japanese cars. Oh well, onwards and hopefully skywards elsewhere!

DOTS: Hamburg DOTS: Hamburg

What looks to be like a well travelled 90.

I seem to average one train trip a year. I seem to average one train trip a year.

Not picking up a car this time though. And of course, it’s running late, which could make for some fun connections later. 

How rust kills cars How rust kills cars

A guide to corrosion for UK MOT testers from the 90s. Those across the pond might find this shockingly strict. 


Triumph Acclaim. Looks like it needs some love.

Time for two to become one (contains Mazda butchery) Time for two to become one (contains Mazda butchery)

As it turns out, barn storage isn’t a great idea. The MX5 had turned into a cozy house for rodents, mostly in the engine bay and above the fuel tank. The wiring to the fuel pump was completely gone, but the main loom has mostly escaped damage.

What’s an XL1 like to live with?

Jim, a brave chap, bought one and has been posting about the experience of roadtripping the #fuckingcarofthefuture across Europe back to Northern Ireland. Much to the displeasure of Wolfsburg as it turns out.

Things rarely seen anymore Things rarely seen anymore

Any Sierra in 2018 is a rare sight, let alone a 4x4 one. Looked well used, but obviously looked after to have survived this long without disintegrating.

New season, new look. New season, new look.

Not a fan of black wheels, but they’ve got a set of tyres that are reasonable enough, but not worth paying to swap onto other rims. Still need to sort out the white ones...

Starting the day with a spot of forestry Starting the day with a spot of forestry

It’s been a bit windy, which took one of the big branches off this Oak tree, blocking the drive (and taking out the phone lines). Still, plenty for the fire!

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