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You couldn't even rinse it off?

Do you actually want to sell your Dodge Neon or not?

How much of a bad idea is this?

On a scale from 1 to 10

Actual car shopping.

MrsGolem has decided she’s keeping the Soul. That means LittleGolem will need a different car. I figured MrsGolem would want a new Soul. She’s had her eye on a blue one.

Pictures from BMW headquarters Pictures from BMW headquarters

Littlegolem knows her old man loves cars so she took these and beamed them to me through the internet.

Now let's speculate about what Marty's DD is.

In the latest video Moog races Marty in his DD and then Marty says he’s going to go get his DD to race Moog’s DD. I’m guessing it’s some flavor EVO.

Let's speculate about what Moog's DD is.

UPDATE: Video came out revealing the car as I was posting this.

The 737-MAX has been grounded by Giant Ants

Things aren’t looking good for Boeing as Giant Ants have grounded the 737-MAX effective immediately.

You are what you eat You are what you eat

So I am eating this tiny calzone.

Couldn't get the upstream o2 sensor out of the Soul

So I figured I’d pay a shop to do it. My normal mechanic was like, “I usually send it to Meineke.” That’s fair they must do tons and tons of them. I was talking about it with my coworker and he was like, “I have this $50 gift card to Meineke that I’ll never use. I’ll give it to you.”

I've been wanting to get a pic of this Jeep for awhile I've been wanting to get a pic of this Jeep for awhile

I’ve seen it rolling around town a number of times. The graphics are just hilarious to me.

Soul coughing Soul coughing

Well that explains the miss fire on 2

Opponaughts I have a question

I’m looking to slice some wooden dowels into a number of equal length (~1/2") pieces for a project. How would you go about doing that?

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