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Was bored  Was bored 

So I made this

It’s back.... It’s back....

I’m not quite ready to show off my newest build (having a few minor issues) so I took a few minutes to work on this.

Forza Friday! Forza Friday!

How about the first Forza Friday of 2019?!

2019 Greenlight! 2019 Greenlight!

This is a small list of the upcoming cars for Greenlight collectibles in 2019

The long haul The long haul

Matchbox Kenworth Aerodyne (1984 Midnight X-press) vs 1991 Ford Aeromax (2005 DHL)

last custom of 2018 last custom of 2018

As the year comes to a close I thought I’d share my final custom of 2018.

Merry Christmas everyone  Merry Christmas everyone 

Merry Christmas Santa is now traveling in style!

Parts swap  Parts swap 

Did a quick lil parts swap on this custom for a couple of photos

Not your everyday find Not your everyday find

Well at least not here in the USA

Hot Wheels QC at its best! Hot Wheels QC at its best!

Well now this was an interesting find over the weekend

Space the final frontier  Space the final frontier 

In 1979 after ten years off the air Star Trek The motion picture was released on 12/6 to mixed reviews and started a trend of odd numbered movies being bad and the even numbers being good.

Something different  Something different 

A custom I’ve wanted to do but didn’t think I could till now

Screamin’ Wheels Screamin’ Wheels

A mid 90’s gimmick that was aimed at selling track sets was Screamin’ wheels. They had lil groves in the wheels that made a screaming noise when going down the tracks

T2 bus *update* T2 bus *update*

Did some slight work on the T2 bus

Yet another T2 custom! Yet another T2 custom!

This is one I had started a few years ago and just destroyed the base and interior. After looking at my stubby T2 I got to thinking if the HW parts could work with the MBX and the result surprised me!

Volkswagen T2 pickups Volkswagen T2 pickups

My custom collection so far of the T2 pickup from Hot Wheels

The Lightweights The Lightweights

Due to recent cost cutting Hot Wheels had to down size it’s “The Heavyweights” line into “The Lightweights”

MXB Jeep Gladiator  MXB Jeep Gladiator 

Then and now

*update* short stuff *update* short stuff

Well got it all together and it turned out nicely

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