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A heads up

Several Targets around the country are reporting the registers are down so be careful while hunting check before loading up

In non Diecast news In non Diecast news

The rumors were true on June 13th the 2nd Forza Horizon 4 expansion DLC will bring the world of Lego to Horizon 4

4 some 4 some

To go along with my post the other day the 4 cars that share the same glass, interior, and base( slightly changed between the metal and plastic)

Missed opportunity Missed opportunity

So I found the new Roger Dodger and even seeing photos of it I knew Hot Wheels made mistake with its name.

Toyota Bronco? Toyota Bronco?

Found the new K case regular t-hunt Custom Ford Bronco and something stuck out to me

Long bed Chevy WIP Long bed Chevy WIP

What started as a nose job turned into more

Touch up work on this Touch up work on this

Been looking over this old rusty beetle I’ve done and decided it needed some touch up work


Can’t wait to get this!

Deora over the years Deora over the years

From the redline era in 1968 then reimagined in 2000 and now another reimagined design in 2019

Well this is nice Well this is nice

Now now I can check off Nissan/Datsun off the list of chases I needed from M2

Matchbox moving parts Matchbox moving parts

1963 Chevrolet C10 pickup

M2 Chevy pick up! M2 Chevy pick up!

From Instagram

I did it for fun I did it for fun

But it turned into Science!

Another sign! Another sign!

Shorty after the hover mode super this was found on top of a tossed shipper

A sign A sign

On the 1 year anniversary of losing my mom a quick early trip to a store resulted in the best find.

Military surplus Military surplus

They have seen combat now they sit in a surplus lot hoping one day to see action again!

Hot Wheels Tribaby Hot Wheels Tribaby

I was looking over some of my cars and I think I discovered what the 1970 Hot Wheels Tribaby might have been designed after.

Kmart day.... not! Kmart day.... not!

Found these 2017 Nov Kday Honda Civics at a Fry’s food (Kroger) yesterday

Mmm soup! Mmm soup!

Sorry not die cast related but I really enjoy this instant lunch soup and can’t beat the Fry’s food (Kroger) price!

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