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Internet Search Not Working on My Computer.

So this is entirely gaming unrelated but I figured I'd check here for help since the issue is affecting my ability to check other sites.

FTL and Wasted Time FTL and Wasted Time

Please forgive the ranting nature of the following post, this is my first TAY post.

Hilariously Misinformed Comments on the Xbox One

No seriously, just read any of the articles about the One and try counting the number of misinformed or outright wrong comments bitching about the One.

The Glorious Return of the Traditional Blog Roll!

So the horrible horrible horizontal discussion feed is no more, and with it the only thing I hated about the Gawker update. Huzzah!

I bought FTL since it was on sale on Steam and.... I must really suck or have terrible luck because I had three straight games where I basically died after 3-4 FTL jumps while still in the first sector.

RIP Young Justice, final episode came out yesterday and man, what a cliffhanger. Last episode was kind of a mixed bag since they tried doing too much in one episode. A few important plot points were solved way too conveniently, though that's all I'm going to say.

I've finished up all the DLC on my ME3 playthrough but I'm having trouble bringing myself to do the final Earth mission. I feel like if I do it'll finally be the end, and I don't want it to end.

Halo 4, you're dead to me now. I'm officially fed up with the amount of bullshit that I have to put up. 343 has just lost themselves a long time Halo fan.

So is Kotaku going to switch to the new layout io9, Jalopnik and Deadspin are using?

Beat Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC yesterday and I'm not sure how to feel.

Bought the Humble Android Bundle 5.

My friends got me an N7 hoodie for my birthday this year, probably one of the best gifts I've ever been given.

Just beat To The Moon. So much feels.

What the fuck is with all the people posting pictures of that one guy in a box defecating on himself?

I'm getting really sick of all the Valve fanboys on prowl around on Steam. You can't point out a valid flaw in a Valve game without them pouncing on you and calling you a 'CoD fag'.

This dophin hand puppet came up in the similarly bought items feed when I was looking up game downloads on Amazon. Hilariously all the reviews for it were Archer related.

So much feels...

So I have all these Sims 3 Expansions that I can't play cause my laptop died, and I'm still using my old hand-me-down replacement. It's fine for playing TF2, and could theoretically run the Sims, but I have no desire to start up a game and then lose all my progress once I get a new laptop.

Goddamn the today's episode of Young Justice Invasion was awesome.

I swear to god Valve fanboys represent every bad PC fanboy stereotype there exists.

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