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Finned Friday Finned Friday

Slammed and patinaed MBX ’58 Dodge.

The need is real. The need is real.

1997 extended cab Nissan hardbody 2wd 5spd from Texas for $1500. This would be a perfect small truck to do house stuff in. I am a bit suspicious though as it is a cheap price from an account who’s last public activity was from 2015.

Houselopnik, or not...

So the prior house we were going to buy turned out to have major structural issues. Of the “there is nothing supporting 1/4 of the first floor’s floor” variety. The sellers offered us a $75K discount on the $230K offer in an attempt to get us to buy it, which told me everything I needed to know about how much of a…

Organizing my work bench storage Organizing my work bench storage

I found this 10 drawer unit at Michaels for $30, it holds a surprising amount of cars, and let me organize all my loose donors & custom fodder so I can actually find what I need.

Sunday hawl Sunday hawl

The loose cars are flea market finds, and all but the van will be wheels/parts donors. The transporter is going to get a new paint scheme and possibly a different cab.

Sir! A smaller vessel has rammed us! Sir! A smaller vessel has rammed us!

Project Colony Ship was rear-ended this morning. The bumper is shoved in pretty far and is slightly bent.

This truck seems shocked This truck seems shocked

By what has been done to it.

LS all the things! LS all the things!

AAlso, because painting the outside of my house wasn’t enough distraction, I am now in the process of buying another house and getting this one ready to go on the market.

"Serious injuries only $3000" "Serious injuries only $3000"

Possibly the best typo in an ad I’ve ever seen.


Now comes a month of paperwork BS before I get to hand over a check for more than any 3 cars I have ever bought, so that I can pay yet another mortgage.

On the home buying roller coaster again.

My partner and i have been talking about buying a house so we can move in together for some time now, but haven’t been actively hunting...

Run what ya brung Run what ya brung

Took a rough Cyclone shell, stuffed some serious cubes in it, bolted on some swap-meet fiberglass parts, and made a rough and ready quarter mile machine.

1959 Chevrolet sedan delivery kustom 1959 Chevrolet sedan delivery kustom

Been wanting one to customize for ages. The two tone metalflake came out well. And i lucked into the perfect wheels.

Patching the hull Patching the hull

I am working on rust repair on Project Colony Ship, however it is being slowed by my house painting project and a lot of rain.

Lateral thinking ways to save money Lateral thinking ways to save money

I’m pondering buying this purple 2009 Honda Fit for $2300 with quarter rot and dents specifically to swap out the good rear hatch & rear bumper for my damaged ones.

Not going to be posting as much for a bit. Not going to be posting as much for a bit.

Im repainting the outside of my house, which will involve scraping/stripping/repairing the 120+ year old wood trim. I’ve made a rule that I’m not allowed to buy new diecasts (especially expensive ones) until the job is done. Though i am still allowing myself to buy sub-$1 ones out of the dump bins at the flea market.

Houselopnik, painting time... Houselopnik, painting time...

After 6 years of ownership, I’m finally getting some fresh paint on my house.

This always amazes me This always amazes me

Cars with replacement body panels that are also damaged. Did you replace damaged panels with other damaged panels? Or did you crash it again in such a way you only damaged the parts you had already damaged?

T-shirt fun T-shirt fun

Just ordered this shirt from Blipshift. Iy is back in stock for a limited time.

I scream for Truck Thursday I scream for Truck Thursday

I may be a tad early, but i wanted to share the two lowered ice cream trucks I’ve been working on.

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