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The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries

Starting this now. One ep. in my bookmarks. I remember it vaguely as a kid. ABC screenshots coming.

Miami Blues (1990) Miami Blues (1990)

Coming up on this-TV. Directed by George Armitage. From the Charles Willeford book. Good book. Alec Baldwin. Fred Ward. Jennifer Jason Leigh. Vinegar pie. Recommended.

Cajun Jack's Hushpuppy House Cajun Jack's Hushpuppy House

Mostly Authentic Cajun Cuisine.

Macaroni and Cheese Macaroni and Cheese

I did buy two boxes of Kraft orange this morning. I like it cold. The only homemade I have made uses meat and leftovers or crawfish. Crawfish mac and cheese is good. Crawfish fettuccine even better.

Where You At? Where You At?

Miguel Ferrer’s crazy Cajun cop from New Orleans in Broken Badges uses this expression. There are parts of Ferrer’s accent that are semi-authentic but his character and speaking are a hodge-podge of Louisiana stereotypes. He is able to sell it because he is Miguel Ferrer and he doesn’t give a shit. Cajuns aren’t from…

Tree Falling Tree Falling

Does it make a sound?

Pizza Hut Pizza Hut


New Commercials and Promos - 80s and 90s New Commercials and Promos - 80s and 90s

Various new from two Youtube channels.

Midnight Snack: Hot Pursuit Midnight Snack: Hot Pursuit

This is what happens when you only have microwave popcorn left to eat but a full freezer. I knew I was going to be hungry so I took out tomato sauce earlier. Watching David Cassidy: Man Undercover and another ep. of Hollywood Beat. Now the Hot Pursuit pilot TV movie playing. This random TV continues to be a lot of…

ABC Promos Screenshots ABC Promos Screenshots

As I watch Moonlighting. Some of my favorite network graphics for a while there. Ernie Anderson doing the voice.

The Magilla Gorilla Show The Magilla Gorilla Show

1964-67 Hanna-Barbera. Originally in syndication from Ideal. 31 episodes. I also did a bookmark collection just for old cartoons. 

LA 2017 LA 2017

Next. Found on Youtube. Directed by Steven Spielberg. From the TV show The Name of the Game, 1971.

1980 R2-D2 Anti-Smoking PSA 1980 R2-D2 Anti-Smoking PSA

R2 busted smoking in the back of the warehouse. How could you?

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