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Svengoolie: Dracula's Daughter (1936) Svengoolie: Dracula's Daughter (1936)

Dracula’s Daughter will be coming on Svengoolie this Saturday night on Me-TV.

Thursday Radio: Dutch Schultz Thursday Radio: Dutch Schultz

From Suspense. 1953. Broderick Crawford. Marvin Kaplan.

Good Boat Names Good Boat Names

Spare Time. I love naming boats. Kickin’ Back. Bad Boat Names: The Communist Manifesto. This Piece of Shit’s Gonna Sink. Waterlogged.

Sandwiches of the Day: Calvin's Chicken Salad and Pimento Cheese Sandwiches of the Day: Calvin's Chicken Salad and Pimento Cheese

Doctor appointment this afternoon and I was starving. That part of town is a traffic nightmare but there is a little grocery half a block away from the office that is famous for their chicken salad. Also got pimento cheese, blueberry cobbler, and Zapp’s salt & vinegar chips.

The Worst Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf Movies Ever Made The Worst Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf Movies Ever Made

Trying to get through as many of the Amazing Colossal Podcast mini-episodes as I can during the free trial. I said I would get my money’s worth. Gilbert is a bad Frankenstein expert. A lot of the old horror movies they talked about I only know because of Svengoolie. Dracula’s Daughter coming up this week.

Joe Forrester Joe Forrester

1975-76 NBC. Lloyd Bridges. Cop on the beat. 23 episodes.

Cool Million Cool Million

1972-73 NBC. Larry Cohen created. Part of the NBC Mystery Movie. James Farentino. 5 episodes.

Amy Prentiss Amy Prentiss

1974-75 NBC. Jessica Walter, Helen Hunt, Art Metrano. Spinoff of Ironside and part of the NBC Mystery Movie. 3 episodes.

Call to Glory Call to Glory

1984-85 ABC. Craig T. Nelson, Kennan Wynn, Elisabeth Shue. 23 episodes.

The Two of Us The Two of Us

1981-82 CBS. Peter Cook. 20 episodes.

Angie Angie

1979-80 ABC. Donna Pescow, Robert Hays, Doris Roberts, Debralee Scott. Garry Marshall was one of the creators.

Skag Skag

1980 NBC. Karl Malden. 6 episodes.

Oh Madeline Oh Madeline

1983-84 ABC. Madeline Kahn. 19 episodes.

Good Heavens Good Heavens

1976 ABC. Carl Reiner. 13 episodes.

Viva Valdez Viva Valdez

1976 ABC. 12 episodes.

Joe & Valerie Joe & Valerie

1978-79 NBC. 8 episodes, one unaired.

Hail to the Chief Hail to the Chief

1985 ABC. Patty Duke. 7 episodes.

Apple Pie Apple Pie

ABC 1978. Norman Lear. Rue McClanahan, Dabney Coleman, Jack Gilford. Two episodes aired. Directed by Peter Bonerz.

Wheat Thins Wheat Thins


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