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That Moment When That Moment When

Your beater reaches such a high beater status that you’ve owned it for 6 months and just realized it has one wheel that is different from the other three...

Photo Firday!! 2 Wheels Bad Photo Firday!! 2 Wheels Bad

Shameless opportunity to share a potato pic of half of my bike

Bittersweet day at Crazy Rays Bittersweet day at Crazy Rays

Sunday was a good day for the junkyard, but it took a turn for the worse when I was moseying through the Germans section..... 1978 BMW 535i in halfway decent shape. no major rust just some surface stuff. Was an auto but had the straight six in it, not sure which engines came in the E12. Only noticeable issue was a…

TGIF (Kinja Edition) TGIF (Kinja Edition)

Take Kinja to the back yard like Ole Yeller..... except ya know... with a tank