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Doggo sads Doggo sads

I know some of the oppos are also doggo people, needed to share this somewhere. Doggo hasn’t been eating well and has been losing weight. Didn’t notice it was as bad until I saw his hip bones the other night. Mrs. Comes over took him in today, and after blood tests, vet says he’s in liver failure, her guess is…

Tired doggo is tired Tired doggo is tired

Mrs Comes Over is gone for the weekend, doggo has claimed his space, I shall attempt a “treat for kennel” maneuver...otherwise, I may be sleeping onna couch...

Honda/Hitachi Joint Venture (possible NSFW) Honda/Hitachi Joint Venture (possible NSFW)

Apparently Honda has formed a Joint Venture with Hitachi to make electric motors.

Long prep for car purchase, info requested

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t presume the 2005 Focus will keep running forever, and I also tend to research for an extremely long time before buying.

This is a Busta thread This is a Busta thread

Post Busta’s

DIY windshield chip repair?

Got stuck behind a semi today and the van took a rock in the windshield and got a very small chip. I’ve gotten a chip repair done on the Focus that’s held for 8-ish years, but saw DIY kits online, specifically:

Bought a crossover because a minivan wasn't manly enough? Bought a crossover because a minivan wasn't manly enough?

All wheel drive minivan hauling 4X8 sheets of plywood says you’re doing it wrong. ;-)

It ain't much, but it's something.... It ain't much, but it's something....

2005 rental spec Focus is primarily a commuting appliance, gas it, maintain it, clean it when it gets annoyingly dirty.

Well, isn't that a Merry flippin' Christmas for ya...

Some unedited non-merry comments after the jump....

DD used Leaf, am I crazy? DD used Leaf, am I crazy?

I’ve read the articles on how cheap used Leafs (Leaves???) are, and I’d consider it. First, I differentiate between task driving and pleasure driving, so I could see myself having an appliance type vehicle to buzz back and forth to work, and something else fact, I already have the first, I have a rental spec…