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Victorian Living seems kind of whack

ETA to be slightly less judgey (but i’m a judgemental bitch sooo ymmv)

help a french fry out! 

LOF needs some good old GT love & advice !!

i finally did it! i finally did it!

eshakti kept baiting me with gift coupon codes and i finally ordered 2 dresses from them. i mean they gave me $40! and the site is 30% off today! i needed my roomie's help to narrow it down but i finally decided on these two - the yellow is more casual and the black is for fancy things....like the wedding i have to go…

Santa furby the ungreyer (aikage) made a gift list!!

they don't have gt posting privs so I'm sharing it this way. In ur face unsharer!

Ermagerd perfect gift list

Becuz we're all feminist killjoys and PROUD OF IT.

Black Mirror ETA

Yo guys, I just started watching this on netflix cuz my friend who i trust said it was really good. It's definitely good, but it's also kind of mind boggling.

I just want to print this on all my clothes

I really like this. It's such a great and weird response and it makes me happy. I really like Mallory Ortberg and The Toast. I love how this takes it so seriously but at the same time is making such a joke. Also I like that it notes both times he asked about 'both sides' he was interrupting conversations because that…

morning boost because i am needy

if anyone else has advice i'd be so grateful!! and thank you so much to those who already commented. you guys are really the best <3

wanted to share this with you guys!! wanted to share this with you guys!!

these girls are awesome. tumblr alerted me to this kick-ass pair of sisters. this video is really cool - i found it pretty mesmerizing and creepy and powerful. esp. the way they're being held down by those arms. it's so good!!

Hotties in old timey outfits! (the musketeers is my new thing)

so i could have sworn someone just posted about this show but i can't find it so IMA MAKE A NEW POST!

"A Womb of her Own" (tw: abortion)

It's fucking absurd that this is even necessary, but thankfully, this woman is doing her bit to help keep women informed.

snickers ice cream bars

are so fucking delicious.

PSA: swimsuits are a pain to buy but this may help

so i stumbled upon this site www.surania.com via tumblr and it's pretty great.

kids these days!

so creative! well some of them. some of them are not great. but some of these dresses are amazing!! and it's all made out of duct (duck?) tape! soo cool!!

I haven't rolled my eyes this much in a while

over something that wasn't completely soul crushing at least. this is just absurd

because I love you all so much because I love you all so much

I am sharing this with you:

SKINS season 7 is on netflix!!!!

see y'all in a few hours!!

how i live now

so has anyone else watched this movie? it's on netflix. i just did and it was super upsetting but also super ridiculous because come on i'm supposed to believe that teenagers would just be left at home and i get that it's a war zone but it's still present day and we have cellphones and internet.

all the talk about Call the Midwife all the talk about Call the Midwife

made me think of this! which I feel is right up GTs alley - it has it all: Call the Midwife, Doctor Who and a father participating in childbirth!

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